"I truly enjoy the creative process of problem so"Bringing my clients vision and aspirations for day-to-day living is my focus, on a personal level.  I enjoy helping them through design challenges, showing them how I wrestle them to become positive aspects of their home.  My clients enjoy affordable luxury designs that suit their pace in life. Be it a personal or business lifestyle, I strive to bring it all to life”lving and providing our clients with exciting luxury designs that suit their personal or business lifestyle. My focus is bringing unique, upscale design options and color to their space to bring it to life."  

David Call 

As one of the Dallas' leading interior designers, David believes strongly in the collaborative relationship between client and designer. Known to have an eye for detail, David has the innate ability to visualize his client's current interiors in a totally fresh perspective.  Using color, unique finishing elements to showcase the client's personal taste and lifestyle.


"My goal is to have my clients love their surroundings and regard me as essential to creating the design brings them joy everday!"


Sought for his stylized approach to home renovation, David focuses on the clients’ project needs with a well-honed plan for success. All planning and details are seamlessly outlined for the clients benefit of understanding the steps to completion.


Lifestyle details can include unique fabrics choices, art, as well objects d'art and the homes furnishings. By aligning a strong team of craftsmen who are all working to bring life to the project for the client, David Call Designs coordinates the project from conception through construction providing complete design solutions for outstanding results.


Whether he is on a residential interior project or private commercial design, David attributes much of his success to a close designer-client relationship where he aligns the client to their project, so their voice is heard and headed.  Listening to the client is key!

Meticulous attention to details and logistics, with personalized customer service.



His designs and expertise have been featured in Dallas Style and Design, Paper City, and countless other mentions.  As well, part of design is philanthropy.  I have been a strong ally with numerous art/design events fundraisers for causes dear to my heart.  The Warren Center for Children, DIFFA. Legacy Counseling Center, and Bloomin’ Ball.  All these touches on supporting a different need. Everyone does need help at some time and deserves all we can give.

Studio:  (214) 679-9263
Mailing Address: 2633 McKinney Ave. 
Suite 130, Box 186,  Dallas, TX 75204

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