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We create sophisticated living spaces throughout the state of Texas and beyond. Translating our clients’ personal taste into living spaces, while creating savored and comfortable rooms. 


David Call is a Tulsa, Oklahoma native who ventured to Dallas in 1993. For 20 years, he has designed his client’s projects from Dallas to LA to Florida and beyond to create sophisticated designs for residential homes, high rises, and personalized commercial spaces.

David’s journey to become one of Dallas’ top designers progressed organically. His talents were discovered while he worked at a design company in his youth, and now with over two decades of design experience, he provides both residential and boutique commercial design services through David Call Designs. His love for bringing harmony to a space extends to how he manages the intricacies of the design plan on behalf of the client.

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An award-winning interior design professional for 2014,2015 and 2016, David Call's design concepts continue to impress his discriminating luxury clients.
With more than 20 years of interior design experience, David is passionate about creating sophisticated living spaces.

David Call Designs

Founded in 1995, David Call Designs offers full scope interior design services — from residential to boutique commercial.  We provide a full range of design services which cover our clients from the shingles to the foundation. Remodel design is a specialty of our company, but we are certainly not limited to that scope. We are highly skilled working as a liaison for the client with contractors, builders and architects to ensure quality design and effective project management.

David Call Designs works with clients to craft a detailed design plan to reduce stress and help the client visualize the final design. David Call is an experienced liaison between the client and contractors and architects. David provides design documentation throughout the process, as well as updates to the budget and actual costs, to allow clients to track progress of the project with ease. Before final installations, David walks through his layer by layer design with every client for complete clarity for them.

Whether clients desire to make a unique facelift to a tired room, alter the course of their home with a remodel design strategy or simply build from the ground-up, David provides a clear, concise design plan to make the process clear and as painless as possible for the client. His concierge design services allow clients to experience the joy of seeing a space come to life. 

David Call Designs has enjoyed much success because of our intrinsic talent for bringing architectural and design fundamentals into our client’s vision. David Call Interiors has developed customized plans from concept to installation for clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. We work on a variety of projects, where no design engagement is too large or too small. We also develop scalable plans and offer measured approaches to work within the client’s budget. This is one of the primary reasons our clients keep coming back to us because (1) we value each relationship and the trust we earn with them throughout their design journey, and (2) we recognize that a client’s taste and style evolves over time and provide consistent excellence in their style transitions.

Original Art & Luxury Furnishings

We offer original art, unique objects d'art and luxury furnishings to clients, builders, architects, designers, art specifiers and art enthusiasts. We work in tandem with regional projects for large scale and niche specific exhibitions and events, including philanthropic and non-profit organizations.  

We would love to show you our Custom Design Services, our unique original Art and upscale Furnishings collections that can fit your custom interior, exterior, business and commercial environments.  

Email us at:  info@davidcalldesigns.com

Or Call us:  (214) 679-9263

Studio:  (214) 679-9263
Email:  David@DavidCallDesigns.com
Mailing Address: 2633 McKinney Ave. 
Suite 130, Box 186,  Dallas, TX 75204

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