Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?  

Designers all have different theologies.   What sets us  apart, is our transparent philosophy.  Starting with either a zoom or phone chat, so You and I can gain a better understanding of your personal needs, where you are in the design and where you would like to land your feet at the end.  This will also help us evaluate your project together. I can also offer a no-charge initial design consult at your home or office. In this meeting, I will walk through your plans or space with you, speak with you about the specific needs of your interior design or construction project.  This is an evaluation meeting, to gain clarity of the project. You can review my portfolio, and learn more about specific projects in the portfolio.  After the initial meeting, a design proposal will be sent to you for your review. 


How do you charge?

There are a few ways that we charge. Our design fee will typically have a combination of a fixed fee and/or an hourly one. In addition to the design fee, we offer options when it comes to purchasing product and furnishings.  In most cases we offer our substantial array of furnishings for the design where you will save money by purchasing through David.  


How does the project fee/design budget work?

It depends on the level in which you wish to take your project. We can negotiate a specific design fee budget in mind, we can prepare a proposal that will state what we can offer you, based on your needs.  If you are not sure of what the budget will take for what you want, I can guide with easy clarity. Helping you better understand what you can get for the money, and levels of quality and sophisticated comfort.


How do we get started, and what is next?

Before the design begins, we provide a simple agreement.  Once this agreement is defined, a design fee advance gets your project started.  All details are within the agreement.

After approval, we then work with you on any fact finding (preferred design styles, requirements for each room, how you live and work in your home or office, etc.), thereby creating your working spreadsheet for budget control. We will photograph the residence and measure as necessary. From there, we prepare an initial design presentation, showing you our preliminary drawings, material selections, and concepts. After determining a design approach, we work with you on narrowing down the final selections, pricing, and then implementing the design.


What cities do you work in?

David Call Designs works throughout the DFW Area.  We have also worked in Los Angeles, Ft. Lauderdale, New York and other major U.S. cities. We do travel. Working in other cities from our DFW central location can come with its own set of challenges, so we do have communication protocols in place to avoid any issues  We are poised to work from a distance with seamless success.


Where do you get your furnishings?

We purchase our design selections from a wide variety of vendors through which we have developed long-standing relationships. Vendor accounts are our key to selection, pricing and standards of quality. We also work with many workrooms for drapery, upholstery and custom furniture for all types of needs.


Do we need to use your contractor or architect?

David can work with your builder, architect or contractor or tradespeople. If you are in need of groups we’ve had success with  on other projects, we can connect you.  We are happy to refer you to those who can help as well. You will not pay us for construction-related labor, which is between you and your contractor, but will act as your implementing liaison between you and the team members.


Do I have to make purchases through you? 

We do recommend that you do consider making all or most purchases through David Call Designs to ensure the consistency of your designs.  However, we do embrace your finds to help you make those purchases on your own. Most clients do purchase through us because of the discounts we pass along and quality assurance of arriving.


What experience do you have?

David Call has been creating Sophisticated yet Comfortable Designs for over 20 years.  We have countless clients who you can refer to for feedback. From DFW to the coastal cities, David’s clients have extended their design requests to their second residences across the country.  His experience ranges from working with a prominent actor in Los Angeles during his rise in stardom to a small boutique law firm in Dallas for a growing business on the rise. The range of project styles range from Downtown Hi-Rise Living and also including the corporate businesses that his many clients own - bringing the functional comfort of the home into their office.  David Call Designs has been named an award-winner in a 2015, 2016 and 2017 national design survey for quality and great customer reviews.  [See the Portfolio & Reviews section for the quick read.]


How long will our project take?

Again, this will vary per project. A typical kitchen remodel may take approximately 3 months to design and build. A living room remodel may take a month to design, and 2 months to receive and install all products and furniture. If you are remodeling your bathroom, the process may take only a month from start to finish. A custom home design from start to finish may take 3 months to layout, and plan the details.


I'm building a new home. Can you help with our selections?

The best time to deal with new home decor and finishes is to bring us in prior to your choosing the new home's finishes, flooring and lighting. It is even recommended that you have your designer review your home plans prior to final approval to make certain your liveability has been considered in all areas and also your furnishing needs have places to go. Many times, luxury new home buyers are disappointed with the builder-provided selections and end up spending more money to change out colors and finishes than if we helped walk you through the custom options that fit your design criteria. 


Can I see samples of your work?

Our portfolio page on this site has a good sampling of our home design work. Feel free to contact us to see more images of other specific projects that may be closely related to yours.


What is your style?

A sophisticated design with comfort is my style.  I embrace Classic Lines with Modern Elements.  Natural Stones, Metal Finishes and Color. For client, the focus is on the client's preferences, the architecture of the home and its natural surroundings, as well as the budget, all of which will dictate the style direction. David avoids overdone styles, and finds ways to infuse his client's personal objects and vibe into their new and  fresh design.

Studio:  (214) 679-9263
Email:  David@DavidCallDesigns.com
Mailing Address: 2633 McKinney Ave. 
Suite 130, Box 186,  Dallas, TX 75204

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