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David Call has long embraced the Art World with his designs. With that support, his philanthropic work is also engaged. Your will find here the many shows David has produced for the art world of Dallas. You are cordinally invited to attend these shows and experience so wonderful sites and unique personalities of Dallas Culture.


More Information To Be Announced Soon!

PAST EVENTS & Art Exhibit History

Valcucine Pohlenz |  September 15, 2016

Featuring Josh Schoemaker "Coalescense"

Valcucine Pohlenz  |  August 25, 2016

Featuring Artist Adam Brobjorg

Valcucine Pohlenz  |  June 21, 2016

Featuring Artist Preston Pannek

Valcucine Pohlenz  | April 31, 2016  

Featuring Artist Preston Pannek


Komali Restaurant  | April 21, 2016  

Featuring Artist Josh Schoemaker Art Series

(Entire Collection Sold Out)


Komali Restaurant  |  February 10, 2016

Reception for Featured Artist Josh Schoemaker


Komali Mexican Cuisine  |  August 21, 2015  

Featured Artists Ariana Baker & Jennifer Ayyad


Komali Mexican Cuisine  |  July 23, 2015

Featuring Artists Tom Karges, Matthew Brinston, Jeffrey Noble

Benefitting American Parkinson's Disease Associate, APDA


Komali Mexican Cuisine  |  May 21, 2015
Artist Reception for Bereniche Aguiar & Michael Matson
Featuring Artist Bereniche Aguiar & Dallas Sculptor Michael Matson


Baylor Health Sciences Library  |  May 1, 2015
“Art as Therapy … Demons, Delusions and Fantasies”

(Opening Reception June 18, 2015)

Exhibit May 1, 2015  – August 28, 2015 featuring William Dill


Pohlenz Dallas-Valcucine  |  April 30, 2015
“Spirit of Color”, A Genesis of Work featuring

Artists Toni Martin, Tom Karges, Caryl Carpenter and Sean McCune


Komali Mexican Cuisine  |  April 26, 2015
Artist Talk with Encaustic Artist Caryl Gordon


Pohlenz Cucine Moderne Tulsa  |  April 23, 2015
Closing Reception, featuring Sean McCune


Komali Mexican Cuisine  |  March 2014
“Dine with the Artists”, Caryl Gordon and Kevin Carpenter (Gaedge).
Herradura Margarita Meltdown Competition  Benefitting Legacy Counseling Center

Vacucine Pohlenz Dallas  |  February 24, 2015

Mixed Show  Tom Karges Caryl Gordon Toni Martin Michael Matson


Komali Mexican Cuisine  |  December 2014
“Food & Art”, featuring Baron Farha and Sean McCune.

Benefitting:  Resource Center


Valcucine Pohlenz Moderne  |  November 2014
Exhibition:  Sean McCune and Brad Jensen.  Tulsa, OK


Flower Reign  |  October 2014
Launch Party featuring Brad Jensen


Dwell with Dignity/Anthony Ruben Luxe Home  |  October 2014
October 2014, featuring Brad Jensen and Sean McCune.  Jordan Capella special guest


FD Luxe Magazine  |  October 2014
“Flower Reign” feature with Brad Jensen


Modern Luxury Interiors  |  Fall 2014 Issue
“Gallery Finds” Feature with Brad Jensen


Edo Popken  |  September 2014
“Edo’s Night Out” featuring Brad  Jensen.  Dapper magazine sponsored.


Ilume Park  |  August 2014
“Haute Dogs in the City” featuring Sean McCune & Brad Jensen Pet Portraits


Komali Mexican Cuisine | July 2014
“Food & Art” featuring Sean McCune and Brad Jensen


AMS Pictures |  March 2014
“Color and Light” featuring Bereniche Aguair


Edo Popken |  February 2014
“Love thy Man” featuring Brad Jensen. Dapper magazine sponsored.


Edo Popken | January 2014
“Smokin’ Hot Legends” show.  Brad Jensen & Carolyn Collins


David Call Interiors Art Launch  |  September 2013
Group show boasting 10 artists recognized as rising stars by David Call Interiors - Benefitting AIN.

David Call Presents 


New Collection


Thursday, September 15, 2016

6:00pm - 9:00pm


Hosted by

Pohlenz Dallas

@ Decorative Center - 1617 Hi Line Dr, Dallas, TX 75207

Delectable Bites by

Special Guest Chef JASON MARTIN

of 360 - Gentle Creek Country Club

Ice Carving by

Chef Pete Nolasco

Chef Pete Catering & Ice Carving

Sponsored by 

Toyota of Irving

Success Vodka

360 - Gentle Creek Country Club


Chef Pete Catering & Ice Carving

"24 All Star Chef Classic 2016"


David Call Interior Design

Josh Schoemaker "Coalescence"

Much Thanks to Our Valued Hosts & Sponsors

of this Exciting Event

Success Vodka
Toyota of Irving
360 Gentle Creek Country Club

360 Restaurant at

Gentle Creek Country Club

Toyota of Irving

Success Vodka


24 All Star Chef Classic 2016 Dallas

October 16, 2016  ~  Dallas

Chef Pete Catering & Ice Carving

Chef Pete Catering & Ice Carving

Pohlenz Dallas

David Call Presents


"Hyperdimensional Realities"  Collection

Valcucine Pohlenz  |  August 25, 2016

Adam Brobjorg "Hyperdimensjonalevirkelghet"


David Call Designs - Events

David Call Interior Design

David Call Presents

Preston Pannek

"Pieces of Me"

Valcucine Pohlenz  |  June 21, 2016

Studio:  (214) 679-9263
Mailing Address: 2633 McKinney Ave. 
Suite 130, Box 186,  Dallas, TX 75204

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