I create sophisticated living spaces which translate our clients’ personal tastes into useful spaces, by designing personalized habitats they will Savor

David works closely with clients to craft a detailed visual design plan to allow clients to experience the joy of seeing their living space come to life. 


David’s journey to become one of Dallas’ top designers progressed organically. His talents were discovered while he worked at a design company in his youth, and now with over two decades of design experience, he provides both residential and boutique commercial design services through David Call Designs. His love for bringing harmony to a space extends to how he manages the intricacies of the design plan on behalf of the client.

Founded in 1995, David Call Designs offers full scope interior design services — from residential to boutique commercial, covering our clients from the shingles to the foundation.


We are highly skilled working as a liaison for the client with contractors, builders and architects to ensure quality design and effective project management. 


Whether clients desire to make a unique facelift to a tired room, alter the course of their home with a remodel design strategy or simply build from the ground-up, David provides a clear, concise design plan to make the process clear and stress-free for the client. 


We offer original art, unique objects d'art and luxury furnishings to clients, builders, architects, designers, art specifiers and art enthusiasts. In tandem with regional projects for large scale and niche specific exhibitions and events, including philanthropic and non-profit organizations.  

Studio:  (214) 679-9263
Email:  David@DavidCallDesigns.com
Mailing Address: 2633 McKinney Ave. 
Suite 130, Box 186,  Dallas, TX 75204

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